The Empress is the Major Arcana card, and is the complemantary card for the High Priestess.Both of these cards deal with femininity, the High Priestess is concealed, and a major part of her stays in the mist.On the other hand, the Empress is open, driven by urges, and sexual. she is the godess of fretility and is unseparable from the material world we live in.The card is an archtype of "The Great Mother", attached to the polar nature - creation and destruction.Both of these edges attach us to our inner compassionate great mother.The Empess Card invites us to find and connect to our feminine side and inner abudance.



  • Digital print by Sveta Knokh. Tarot card from the major arcana deck. Printed as a fine art piece with matte finish,unframed.

     A3 (297 x 420 Millimeters).



  • Posted in tube from Tel Aviv.