The Star card from the Major arcana talks about meeting our inner selves,under a sea of stars in the calm nature. Deep inside  the paradise there’s a naked woman sitting in a natural water stream. Above her there are 8 shining stars that manifest the infinity of our souls. We come from star material and there we shall return. Behind her there’s a fig tree, which she doesn't need nor want to use to cover her nudity. 

The woman chooses to be in full nudity and reveal her wholeness to herself, without any fear or judgment. The card talks about self acceptance and shows us, that inside every one of us there’s a starlight, that we can touch and see.

Tarot Star card

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  • A Digital print by Sveta Knokh. Tarot card from the major arcana deck. Printed as a fine art piece with matte finish, unframed.

    A2 (420 x 594 Millimeters).




  • Digital print A4 size 

    210*297 millimiteres