In this  card Anubis and Snake are inside of a spinning wheel. Anubis is an egyptian god that leads the spirits to death and the snake is a symbol of transformation. Around them there are four characters representing  the four elements - fire, water, earth and air.

The characters inside the wheel are as if they are locked up in a cage and they reflect the paradox of life. On one hand the wheel of life, the 4 seasons, the four elements, life cycles, life and death, Yin and Yang , and on the other hand our patterns and the lessons we learn in our lives, which we face again and again and again. The card represents the human effort trying to break free from its limitations, and the meaningless suffering of life. Self-fulfilling prophecy and man's inability to change his destiny. Our human and natural weakness is failing us again to go back and act in the same ways we have already walked before, and the intense desire to choose new paths. We're in a wheel, once up high and once down below , trying to go back to the top.The card tries to wake us up from our sleep, from the lack of choice in which our mind is captivated, and to look for what we are missing along the way. We have the ability to choose and change reality.

Tarot Wheel of fortune card

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  • A Digital print by Sveta Knokh. Tarot card from the major arcana deck. Printed as a fine art piece with matte finish. Unframed.

    A3 (297*420 Millimeters).


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