The card talks about fear and the dark side that is within every one of us. This darkness is symbolized by a large water pool, the subconscious. On the edge of this pool there are two howling crocodiles that are seen in the moonlight.  We can not see what is hiding under the dark water. The crocodiles are between the water and the land, just like us, moving between consciousness and subconscious.

The moon is in the state of eclipse, and it hides the sun. This card represents our journey into ourselves, in the moonlight which will guide us and light our way.

We shall not be afraid from what we see, instead we need to deal with our dark side that prevents us from moving forward. Only that way we can release ourselves from the pain and change, so we can make the right choice out of wholeness ,rather than pain and inner wounds.

Tarot Moon card

  • A Digital print by Sveta Knokh. Tarot card from the major arcana deck. Printed as a fine art piece with matte finish.


     A5 (148.5*210 Millimeters).




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