The idea of Justice exists in all cultures. It is represented differently in every nation and religion, although cosmic justice shows no mercy and treats all humans the same way. 

In Ancient Egypt the god of justice is named Maat. When a spirit came to her gates, she was weighing its heart. If the heart’s weight was equal to Maat's feather, the spirit could go on her way to the next world. A heart which was unworthy-  was devoured by the goddess Ammit and its owner was condemned to remain in the Duat. The card of justice is all about staying in the truth. In order to observe the situation through justice’s eyes-  one should dissolve fear, judgment, lies, etc. That view will open our hearts to understanding the relationship between us and the world around us.

Tarot Justice card

  • A Digital print by Sveta Knokh. Tarot card from the major arcana deck.Printed as a fine art piece with matte finish. Unframed

    A4 (210*297 Millimeters).

  • Digital print A4 size 

    210*297 millimiteres